FB2015Farmers (1)We are committed to local, sustainable small farms and businesses and the positive impact they have on our community and well-being. We strive to bring you the newest and the greatest and this year we are brining our passion to you…local, sustainable, clean food and products. We are introducing our first Indoor Farmers Market all three days of the show this year. This will become a spring staple with over 15 businesses already involved…and it continues to grow daily!

As our world becomes more and more industrialized we lose touch with fresh, natural, local products.  “The American Farmland Trust estimates that more than an acre of U.S. farmland goes into development every minute. As a result, there are nearly five million fewer farms than there were in the 1930’s” explains Sustainabletable.org. In addition to the lack of farms today there are more chemicals and GMO’s in our daily food. Did you know, the United States does not require labeling of Genetically Modified Foods? Does it scare you that you could be eating a tomato or peach that has had its DNA altered? LabelGMOs.org states “Genetically Modified corn has been engineered in a laboratory to produce pesticides in its own tissue. GMO Corn is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Insecticide, but is sold unlabeled.” This is why we are so passionate about feeding ourselves and our loved ones the best food we can, from a local, trusted source.

Our worlds are busy, many of us don’t have time to shop at farmers markets, visit local stores for fresh eggs, meats and cheeses but many of you don’t realize how convenient it is becoming! Have you ever heard of a CSA? That is Community Supported Agriculture and it not only benefits you but the farmers as well. Think of this program as a membership, you pay a yearly membership fee and in return you are provided with a basket of fresh produce weekly during the growing season. This allows the farmers to generate early cash flow to support their business and it allows you the consumer to form a relationship with your farm, know where your produce, meat, etc. are coming from and eat well! Most CSA’s have multiple drop points on different days/times during the season which allows you to conveniently pick up your basket on your way home. For more information on CSA’s and to find one close to you visit Localharvest.org.

The Home Garden Flower Show’s Annual Indoor Farmers Market…

What and who will be there you ask? There will be businesses and farms from both New Hampshire and Maine selling fresh produce, meats, cheeses and more. We have textiles, soaps, maple syrup, jams, craft beer…you name it! …That is right, we said beer…you will be able to walk away from the show this year with flowers for you garden, food for dinner and a 6 pack! Various farms with CSA programs will be present where you can talk with the farmers and get to know their programs. It is the perfect time of year to sign up for fresh produce all summer and fall!

Just to Name a Few 2017 Participants:

Bridgton Farmers Market
Thunder hill Farm
Kathy Banks
Old Mans Beard Company
Maine Morning Micro Roasters
Chase Street Soap Company
Black Mountain Farm
A Country Flavor
and Patch Farm inside and outside
Sheehan Farm
Naylen Farm
Western Maine Beekeepers Assoc.
The Honey Exchange
Vintage Baking
Wholesome HomesteadNH Mushroom
Fiore Olive Oil
Wholesome Organics

Are you a local, organic, sustainable business or know one that would be a great fit for this new show addition? Please, pass this along or reach out, in our first year we are striving to make this event the very best but we are very open to suggestions, comments and various businesses we may not have thought about!

Contact Karla Ficker at 207-935-2845, or email karla@homegardenflowershow.com.

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